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flashback: august 1990

I found some old pictures of my trip to the Enchanted Forest in Rhode Island!  My Mom took me and my sister when we were three, and we went with our “best family” (like best friends, but a whole family), Mrs. DT and her oldest son Brendon (who was three also), and a neighbor friend named Jenny.  It’s so funny to look back at these because now there are three DT kids, but back then their middle girl was only a newborn!

Check out these old-school rides:

This is me, flying my plane, girrrrrl. Fierce.


Heather and me: Jeep-drivin’ gals! (Brendon and Jenny are in the car in front of us).


Heather on the merry-go-round.  The horses were so small!  But they were the perfect size for us. (:


Heather, me, Jenny, and Brendon riding the boats that floated around a little moat.  I do remember these!  Check out the patriotic American flags on the boats.


If this doesn’t give you a hankering (I know, I’m 80) for the old days, I don’t know what will!


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