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26. eating in-season fruits and vegetables (mangoes are in for March!)
27. that first week of Spring temperatures when you can bust out your flip flops
28. seafoam green toenail polish
29. coaching and motivating people to run
30. visiting my Florida friends

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More for the Happy List!

21. watching the jellyfish float around their tanks at the National Zoo (my friends yelled at me for watching them too long!)
22. the smell of the ocean and the sound of the waves and seagulls
23. $5 Walmart men’s sweatpants (size small and rolled down three times)
24. the smell of a fire burning in the fireplace
25. Gregory Peck’s eyebrows

What makes *you* happy?

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It’s been awhile since I’ve updated, but I’ve had a lot to be happy about recently, so I thought it would be fitting to come back with the next installation to my Happy List. If you don’t know what my Happy List is, it’s an idea that originated over at 43 Things. I’m listing 100 Things that make me Happy.

16. Christmas tree hunting
17. going to trivia night with friends and consistently winning the losers’ consolation prize
18. talented doctors, surgeons, and health care professionals who caught my Mom’s breast cancer early and are helping her get through this experience
19. a large network of loving, supportive, and positive friends and family
20. a sister who can cook a kick-ass turkey. bergok!

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11. walking in fields of wildflowers and berries
12. beautiful cinematography (Pride & Prejudice? Secret Garden? yes please!)
13. when I was little and my Dad used to play Greensleeves on the piano in the morning and I could hear it drifting upstairs
14. thunderstorms
15. Tom Stoppard plays

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6. baking
7. watching lindyhop videos on youtube
8. exploring the Goodwill
9. wearing big sunglasses
10. laughing out LOUD!

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So, I have an account on 43things.com, which is basically a place where you list 43 things you want to do in your lifetime. I’m not sure why it’s 43 things. For example, I only have 37 things at the moment. One of them is to “Identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money).”  You’d think that’d be easy, right? But there are so many little things, that the idea of picking only 100 is actually daunting to me! Then I found the happy lists over at The Rockstar Diaries blog. There, readers submit lists of 10 little things that make them happy–just 10!  I figured, hey! I can do that!  So I’m starting a series of 5 things at a time that make me “Soooo happy,” (Roman Holiday? Anyone?) accompanied by a photo of mine, until i can cross this off my 43things list! And hopefully I’ll have plenty more things to be happy about and will continue the series even after I list 100 things.

So without further ado…


1. picking fruit
2. finding pictures in the clouds
3. people watching/eavesdropping
4. listening to the rain
5. making lists

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