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picturing snowmageddon

Several years ago, when I was still in high-school, I was wandering through the house when I came upon my sister, sitting on the living-room couch, wracked with sobs. She was surrounded by a mountain of crumpled Kleenex, and there on the TV in front of her, Armageddon was playing. I have never laughed harder in my life! Heather laughed too; she knew she was a sorry sight. But in all seriousness, Armageddon truly is a sob-fest. Just try watching it without shedding a tear!

If you know us at all, you know that the Steeds get very involved in their movies. The Grudge makes us pull our feet up off the floor and put a hand over our mouths so we don’t shriek too loudly. The Proposal makes us howl with laughter. The Labyrinth makes us press the pause button every time the two-headed gate guards give Sarah the logic puzzle. And Armageddon makes us cry.

You know what else makes us cry?


DC just got blasted with two more winter storms that dumped about 34 inches on us here in Fairfax. The final blizzard pushed us over the mark to make this 2009-2010 season the snowiest winter in Washington DC history–with total snow accumulation coming in at 54.9 inches this Wednesday!

Snow plows are running out of space to push the snow, but I’ve done my share to help get rid of a little extra–by eating it! Snow ice cream has been a Steed tradition since I was a little girl living in Ledyard, CT. Dad would collect a bucket of fresh snow from the front yard, and we would sit in eager anticipation as he mixed up the ingredients. I’ve had four bowls of snow ice cream this week, and since we’re expecting another batch of snow on Monday, I thought I’d share the recipe with you.

Snow Ice Cream

~makes 1 serving~

–2 to 3 cups fresh snow
–1 tsp white sugar
–2 tsp vanilla extract
–about 2 tbsp half & half (or milk)

Mix ingredients together, starting with 2 cups of snow and adding snow and half & half as needed. The mixture will come to a creamy consistency. If you’d like to try a different flavor, add cocoa powder or peppermint extract!

In preparation for Monday’s snow, I’m off to get the movie Whip It with an old FYE gift card I discovered in my wallet (don’t you love when that happens? It has $30 on it!)

What are your favorite things to enjoy on a snow day?

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God, could a girl be any cuter? I adore Zooey Deschanel, and this video is just one more reason why:

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I took some friends out to 319 South around the Green Point area.  The road runs along the beach and several of the beaches are covered in tree stumps and driftwood.  It’s crazy beautiful and looks like a strange make-believe land.





We were on the tiniest strip of a beach, but we could really imagine that we were off on some deserted island!  Check out these behind-the-scenes shots:



Check out more from the Green Point shoot here.

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Railroad Square Art Park is probably one of the coolest collection of buildings in Tallahassee–even though they’re all old warehouses!  The crazy colors and textures of the warehouse walls are just as fun and wild as the people and shops that they house.  I’d only ever been to Railroad Square on a First Friday (and if you’ve ever been as well, you know how many people turn out!), but I wanted to take a friend there on a quiet evening to photograph.  It’s funny how different a place can be when it’s empty!  There were a few people out walking, but even if there had been no one there, we wouldn’t have alone because there is so much character in the walls.

An always sunny window made Heather want to jump for joy…



Don’t you just love the color??

I had Heather put on her oh-so-cool aviators for this grunge wall:


It’s so much fun going on shoots with more than one person because there’s more teasing and laughing with whoever the camera is pointed at, and I get silly grills like Laura’s:


And giggles (I called it a guffaw and was asked if I was 80) like Heather’s:


Heather and Laura and I are all huge Top Gear fans (and anglophiles in general).  If you’ve never seen the show, it’s a car show on BBC.  The best way to describe it would probably be Tool Time, for cars, hosted by Brits.  And while we mostly watch it for the great laughs, we’ve all sort of become car obsessed along the way.  So we were quite delighted to find a garage of old Porsches at Railroad Square!  This snazzy red one is “Laura’s.”


We probably shouldn’t have been sitting on the cars… but if it’s “yours,” what’s a girl to do?  We found some alternate transportation as well, a la Syd Barrett.


Check out more from Railroad Square here.

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This Valentine’s Day, I found a different way to spread the love!  I dance with the Cosa Meara Company of Irish Dance at Florida State University, and we performed for the troopers participating in Dance Marathon at FSU, which benefits the Childrens Miracle Network at Shands Hospital in Gainesville.  More than 830 students participated, standing on their feet for 32 hours to raise money for the cause.  The Irish dancers kept participants pumped up and energetic by dancing an elegant traditional ceili and pounding out a rhythmic hardshoe number.  Afterwards, we braved the rain to take a few pictures!




That evening, Heather and I got dressed up for a Valentine’s Day party!  I dragged Heather into my 365 self portrait:


To view more of my personal 365 Days of Self Portraits project, check out my set on Flickr.

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